Friday, May 7, 2010

Kim is Here!

I decided to post a picture of us after our race on Wednesday, since I did not take the time to download it before posting about the race.
I was so excited to be back running, that I couldn't wait!

Now for the reason why I was so out of routine!
First, I'm not a routine it is easy to throw me off!
Second, my sister, Kim moved here, and we had 8 kids under 9 in one house for 2 weeks...we were all out of whack!

I may have gone 2 weeks without running, but she is going to whip me into shape.
She is 10 years younger than me...and has always been faster than me!
(And thinner....but whose paying attention???? ... ME...)
This is the sister who would come to all my track meets...she wrote papers about me being her hero....and then when her turn came she blew ALL my times out of the water!

So we went running this week...she has not run in a year...she is AWESOME!
She just played with me...she wasn't even breathing hard...infact, she may not have been breathing at all!
I am Super Nervous and even more excited!
We all know that the best way to get better is have your little sister chase you!

I am in need of a new pair of shoes...
from what I read I should go barefoot...but I am not ready for that stage!

After watching my good friend run in these shoes...I will not be complaining too much!
She claims her feet feel better in these than her running shirt!


  1. I need a sister like that!
    You survived 8 kids for 2 weeks, you can survive any kind of training.
    So what shoes are those?

  2. That's great that your sis is going to run with you (I actually have a similar situation with my younger sister :)). That's so cool that she moved near you but that is A LOT of kids under 9 :) LOL!!

  3. So, cat and mouse. Which is which? :) I love it. Now I have more reasons to visit Iowa.

  4. thats a lot of kids in one

    im slowly trying to go barefoot too. i just bought my first 'minimalist' shoe.

  5. What kind of shoes do you have? Have fun running with your sister.

  6. I am so jealous! I have one sister and we have never been able to live close since each of us left home. It is so hard for both of us! I miss her so much. But I am happy for you to have your sister nearby and to have someone to run with!

    Happy Mother's Day Sherri!

  7. My younger sister and I always competed together in cross country running when we were in high school. I've always been a little faster than her, but she can definitely hold her own. I wish we lived in the same state b/c it would be great to have her as a running partner. I think it's so awesome that you now get to run with your sister again!

  8. How cool to be able to run with your sister on a regular basis!

    Love the picture of you guys :)

  9. 1. Yay, you have a photo with our cousin!
    2. You and Kim are going to have SO much fun!
    3. I can't even imagine the whold barefoot thing.
    4. You and Kim are gorgeous!

  10. 8 kids under 9? Yikes! Souns like having your sister around will be a huge motivator - have fun!

  11. holy kids in a house! dang;-)and now is the pic above you or your sister??

    happy wknd!

  12. I wish that my sister ran! We live pretty close and I think tht we would have fun. I just need to get her to start:) I love the picture! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  13. Before of all a bit late congrats for your good job on the 5k race. I never saw shoes like those but they look comfortable. Nice pictures.

  14. You are lucky to have a sister like that. Now you can run together...that's special! I don't think I'll try this barefoot thing.

  15. How fun your sister is now moved in.

    Barefoot hurts, at least hurts me