Monday, May 10, 2010


I love to be a comes 1st in my life!
So for me every day is MOTHER'S DAY...because I love what I do and I love my KIDDOS!

This year Mother's Day fell on the Sunday after our city's Dutch Festivities!
So My Weekend was full of
Family, Fun, and Festivities!

Here we are all dressed up...ready for anther Dutch Parade!
It really is fun..and exhausting!

(Take Note: of my running shoes...I am suppose to have wooden shoes on or Black shoes...but I prefer my running shoes!)

I truly can't get enough of these little ones!
I must be the LUCKIEST MOM ALIVE!!

As for my workouts....Let's review!

Ran a race with my husband and it really got me excited again!
Had a second good run
And then when I went to run my long....I only went 4 instead of 10!
What's up with me thinking I can cut my longs short?
I am really disappointed!
Other than I can say I enjoyed the 4!
I may not enjoy my half marathon though...when I show up unprepared!

I shattered the standing joke around here.... (at my house)
When I say I am going to do PX90...that really means Chest and Back again!
Well, I have successfully done the second workout!
I'm one proud mommy!

Biking and Swimming:
What is that?
I am going to google "How to find more time!" Today!

Am I allowed to be happy with stable?
NO loss, No gain!

All in All I had a great Week!
And I am ready to do it again...maybe even better!


  1. What a beautiful family!

    Just the fact that you manage a few workouts here and there makes you my hero...note that I did not start running/training until my kids were grown. There you are, running and doing 5Ks and 4 miles and you have five young ones at home. Amazing! There is no way you need to be feeling disappointed. One day, they'll all be grown and you'll have more than enough time to train train train :) For now, just do what you can and be proud of yourself for even trying...and for sure, be happy with stable for your weight, you look awesome!

  2. you are def allowed to be happy with stable. i throw myself a party when im stable (lol that makes it sound like crazy!)

    your kids are really adorable and love your outfits...

  3. Nothing wrong with stable

    Post what you find about the time, I need 36 hours a day to get what I want (like) to do.

  4. You are so gorgeous, and you have a beautiful family. Thought of you on Mother's Day!

    Stable is awesome.

  5. How do you manage to find any time for yourself is a total mystery. You have to post about how you do it.
    Beautiful kids and a very pretty Mom. Enjoy them because soon they will turn into teenagers. I am kidding, teens are cool too. Just a bit more challenging at times.
    Love those Dutch costumes. I gather there must be a nice Dutch community where you live.

  6. I love the pics of your family! Your kiddos are so cute! :)

    I think we all find it hard to find time to do all of our workouts. I've decided I'm not going to stress about it this time around and just go with the flow. :)

  7. Great pictures of the family. Remember, if you are not up to running the half marathon, you can walk the 5K with me. :)

  8. What a crew! finding the time with full family is the huge challenge for sure...glad you are excited about running again.

  9. I've also been to a Dutch parade/eating event! It was about two months ago. Here in SA we obviously have lots of Dutch related events, afterall, that's why we're here! My home language is Afrikaans and comes from Dutch.
    Your weekend was awesome. You are a beautiful family.

  10. You and your family look like you were ripped from a magazine ad! The Dutch outfits were classic and the running shoes completed it all!

  11. Love your family photos! I need help with time issue too. In fact, I am ready for my 1/2 marathon to be over because I am getting pretty tired out. It will be a while before I train for a whole marathon again - that really did me in three years ago! :)

    The Dutch festival sounds like fun. Are they your costumes?

    Have a great day Sherri!

  12. Great pictures! The P90X scares me a bit - I have heard lots of stories of people not being able to move after doing just one workout, so props to you on getting to the second one!

    I prefer to wear running shoes everywhere now, too!

  13. You have a gorgeous family:) I love the Dutch outfits...I am sure that the parade was alot of fun for the kids. Cheers to a great week!

  14. You win my personal award for Mother of the year. I bow down before your awesomeness for raising 5 kids. what a gorgeous family you have.

    sorry, but he Dutch clothes made me laugh, especially with the sneakers.

  15. The pictures are wonderful. I love that you participate in the Dutch festivities.

  16. You have a lovely looking family! I hope you'll have nice running adventures.

  17. Omgosh, what a gorgeous family! I know you already know it, but you are so truly blessed! Your girls look so much like you!! I love your Dutch running shoes, too :). No worries on skipping 6 of your 10 miles, you'll run them in the half :). have a great rest of the week!!

  18. 5 Kids! Crazy! Who has five kids these days? These are the questions we are usually asked:

    1) Are you mormon and/or Catholic?
    2) What do you do for a living?
    3) You realize that they will grow up and be MUCH more expensive, right?
    4) What are dinners like?
    5) Are you guys planning on having any more?

    Still, you're a mom, and your training and racing is FAR more impressive than mine! Keep on keeping on, fellow "fiver."