Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just another Fad Diet????

I live in a small town....10,000 people!
I am floored with the % of people who are participating in this new diet. Since this is a blog of running, most of you live healthy lifestyles! I am curious what your take is on this diet. It was originally designed to help obese people get ready for surgery. Now it is blanketing my town. I personally know of at least 2 dozen people on it, most of them who had "some" weight to loose, but NOT obese!

If you have never heard of it....they send you all your food. Which means it is ALL processed! It is set up so that the dieter consumes 900 calories a day. They do not encourage physical activity, due to the low calories.

Everyone that I know is loosing weight, and loosing it fast!

It is a multilevel product.

I can not say that I have gone to any clinics, or really studied it. So my information may be off a tad here or there. But I just don't see how this is healthy at all, or that it is teaching good life long habits.

It seems that every day I find another friend who has decided to "giver herself or himself a boost"!

What is your opinion?


  1. I do not believe any 'processed food diet' can be good. Now if this was designed to prep people for surgery it means that is supposed to be a TEMPORARY fix and not something one can live on for the rest of their lives. So what happens when all those people who go on this diet achieve their weight goals? Diets don't work!
    And then the no activity thing. Study after study is confirming that active fat people are usually healthier than inactive skinny ones.

  2. These diets are propagated by the fact that most Americans have been tricked into thinking that skinny = healthy... then again, how many people even care about their own health? If you offered people a magic pill that would instantly transform them into a runway model but it would take 10 years off their lives how many people do you think would take it?

    Of course the diet would work... Ultralow calorie diets will make you lose weight... and I'm guessing that this food they send you is at least relatively more nutritionally balanced then some of the ultralow calorie diets people have done in the past (grapefruit diet, lemon water diet, celery diet...)... however, as soon as you get off the diet you'll immediately gain it back (unless you have gastric bypass right after like the diet intended)... not only that, but I'm guessing that you're body will be so calorie starved that is will slow down your metabolism and that in the end you'll wind up heavier than you started...

    So basically this is a total scam, preying on people's self-image problem and the fact that they want to look as skinny as they can while doing the least amount of work or effort... the diet is pretty much going to sell itself when people look around and see how much weight other people are losing on it... and by the time the whole thing blows up, the originally creator will be long gone, off somewhere counting all the money he scammed off the suckers!

  3. I think this is gonna blow up in someones face. Only 900 calories a day and no exercise, metabolism is gonna slow WAY down. And I wouldn't imagine that they would ever be able to stop eating that diet, or all the weight would just come right back.

  4. thats a ridiculous diet....900 calories to live off in a day! jesus, by the end of the day id have eaten both arms and working my way towards my legs...

    i hate MLM schemes....people trying to hawk stuff to you so they can make a buck along with their sponsors and all that...whatevers, i understand people just want to make money, but its all a scam...obviously its not one of my favorite topics :)

  5. Ugh! Another lose weight quick scenario that will backfire. Doesn't teach them anything about healthy, long-term living. 900 calories is ridiculously low for anyone. And the sad thing is, you can talk yourself blue in the face to these folks, but as long as they are losing, they won't listen to you!

  6. 900 calories is way too low, ok they might be losing weight, but I bet they dont look heathly though. They probably have no energy and are tired all the time, It wont be long till the body revolts and they look "soft" because the body feels starved and the starts to eat the muscles and leave the fat. Of course they recommend no exercise, they body wont be able to function. Ugh, I am all amped up now.

    Nothing beats regular exercise and proper eating habits.

  7. Dang Sherri... you're getting everybody all worked up over this... your next post better be super positive!!! :)

  8. I have a co-worker who has been doing this diet. Her weight/size has been yo-yo-ing too. I have never seen her in a healthy weight, just fat and fatter. She keeps saying once she lose the weight, she will start exercising.

    My bf's cousin was obese about a year or so again. But she started working out, walking, doing weights, eating right and she has lost at least 80 lbs. She is feeling better about herself. She feels healthy. She is eating. She sometimes splurge but goes back on track after the splurge day. And I have so much respect for her because it is not an easy route but she stuck with it.

    Who is going to keep the weight off? No doubt the latter.

    By the way, population 10,000 isn't a small town. I think I live in a town of less than 5,000. :)

  9. I've never heard of that diet. Wow. 900 calories. I eat that for breakfast. Lunch. And then again dinner.

  10. Sounds insane. Not enough calories even for an obese person.

  11. I think it's kind of scary when everyone jumps on the diet bandwagon, it can be so dangerous!

  12. Well young lady, I am one that has been on many diets, and I always gain my weight back. It is like I am to just be fat, dumb, and happy. :)

  13. The second they eat anything normal, and more than their current 900 calories (which is ridiculous), they'll gain it all right back! Learning a healthy lifestyle with good-for-you foods is the proper way. One of my twin boys has a disorder where he never feels full. At age 11, he weighed 166 lbs. We had to teach him to respect food and use it for fuel, not for comfort, and to exercise our bodies so they feel good. He lost 40 lbs and looked amazing. He's since gained it, but only because he grew 2' taller ;).