Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The BEST "workout" swap ever!

Today I was suppose to run an easy 4 miles!
But my legs were shot from yesterdays Tempo run!
Which I am thrilled about!
I ran a 2 1/2 mile warm up and then a 2 mile tempo at 7:00 minute pace!
Way faster than my body should run right now!
But it felt great...and then the pain hit...ALL night and ALL day today!

However, I am trying to stick to my schedule as best as possible, so that I can get to the half marathon, somewhat prepared!
So I piled my three little ones in the car and drove an hour to the gym...
(crazy huh!- that's small town living!)
Made sure the kids were settled into day care and then headed to the locker room to prepare for my run!
On the way I happened to pass by the courtesy desk and saw a sign for massage therapy!
Out of curiosity asked if there was an opening....right now!
What do you know....THERE WAS!

I skipped out on my run and had the BEST massage I have ever had!
It was incredible....after the hour, she asked if I would like another 20 minutes...

That is the best workout swap ever!


  1. Ohh, a massage sounds good! One day....:)

  2. Well, sometimes you just gotta go for the massage instead of the run- I think it was a good trade :-)!

  3. Yeah, that sounds like a great swap. I might have to do that sometime.

  4. Now that does sound interesting for you. My star runner skipping out on a run for a massage. I had my one and only massage in Fiji. That girl hurt me, and it was my last one. Now Nancy and Laura got many massages at the resort, and they like it.

  5. A massage for a run. What a great swap! I have "massage envy!" Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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  7. Sorry I just posted on my boyfriend's account by mistake! duhh! Sounds like a good swap :) The half marathon I'm doing is the humber brigde half, I can't wait, which are you doing?

  8. That's a good trade! I would love to have a good massage right now, especially on my back and my calves.

  9. A good massage is hard to pass up, especially when you're desperately needing one. Hope you're feeling loads better!!