Sunday, March 21, 2010

It happened again!

I can't believe it!
It happened again!
I mentioned to someone that I like to run...
and they asked me one question...

Have you run a marathon?
I responded, "NO"

Conversation over!

I am amazed how to the non running world, the marathon is the only step to qualify a runner into TRUE running status.
Do they truly think that marathons are all that running has to offer?
No wonder they don't run!
There is so much more!
But since this same exact scenario has happened to me at least a dozen time, I think I better figure out a way to get this injury prone body geared up to run a marathon!
My history would have me pregnant by the fall!!!! (wink)

I actually think I would fall in love with marathons...I have always loved to run long...back when I did that is.

Okay...time to get back to reality and focus on what I am trying to do!

Step 1: Half Marathon in June

If I complete this ...then I can talk about Bigger and Better things! =)

Have a GREAT Weekend!


  1. I'm doing a half in June too, my first one, I haven't run a marathon either, in fact I've not run a race yet!

  2. Sounds like a great plan!! I am trying to master the half first and then perhaps this fall or next year take the marathon plunge:)

  3. So silly that people look at it that way! I know plenty of people who can kick butt even though they never run marathons. So much more to running, you are right. But--you would love a marathon. They really are super satisfying.

  4. Some people just don't get it, do they?
    When I finally made a 11:00+ min/mile pace and sustained it for 3 miles, I was thoroughly thrilled and proudly told my boyfriend about that awesome news. His friend was there and said, "I used to do 6min/mile." I was speechless. I did back at him one day though. He walked to work (3 miles) and on his way back, I drove by him and ask if he needed a ride. He said, "Yes. My feet are killing me." Ha! Six minute whatever!

  5. I agree, Nice plan! I dont think it matters how far you go as long as you are getting out there and doing it.

    Which half were you thinking? I ran the Living History Farms Race near Des Moines on my birthday this past November. Have you ever run it? It was a blast!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. I would love to run the Living History Run...I think it sounds fun! I have not ran it yet...but I have many friends who have...I hear it can be rather cold!!! =) I plan to do it this year..and use a good pair of OLD shoes!

  7. Welcome back! I hadn't read the post about you heading out for spring break so I was wondering why I hadn't seen any updated posts! Sorry to hear it was cold there!

    I'm not ready to commit to a marathon quite yet this year. I have run one marathon back in 2007 but it was a huge time commitment and I didn't have a partner to do long runs with (we had moved to a new state in the middle of my training). I'll stick to my goal of a 1/2 in May for now!

    What is the Living History Run? I lived in Iowa back in 2000-2003.

    Happy running this week - I'm in the midwest too and it looks like winter has returned at least for a few days! Ugh!

  8. Marathon Shmarathon. While I think they're fantastic, I absolutely do NOT think they're a qualifier for being a 'Runner'! period.
    I haven't done a marathon...and i'll tell ya why. I just don't want to put my body through it. God bless you all that can! I'm slated to do an IM (which includes a marathon) before doing a marathon.

    and side note, i LOVE seeing all your comments and new followers. that's just awesome;-)

  9. I always get asked if I've done a marathon gets pretty old. I haven't done a marathon, but I am scheduled to do one in the fall. My sister and I are actually doing our first marathons together, so it should be pretty fun!

  10. So excited for you for your first half! You will do great!

  11. Good luck on your plan! I'm rooting for ya.