Monday, March 29, 2010

Today I said "Good Bye!" to my indoor running partner!
(He has been like a "Wilson" to me...I listen to an ipod...can you see him? more about him here!)

There is just not room in my house for a broken keep me company on my midnight treadmill run!
It's SAD really!

I have BIG goals this week!
I have enjoyed the last month of casually getting back into the swing of things...but I need a drastic change to physical body!
I have 20 pounds that I am carrying around..and it is time to drop it!
(Not my baby!---He's a keeper! I'm talking about the spare tire!)

So it is time to kick it up a notch!
For some of you....this seems elementary...but that is the beauty...we get to the next step, one step at a time!

The trouble is going to be...getting it all accomplished without loosing precious quality time with the kiddos!

Mornings: P90X
Evening: 4 runs , 2 swims, and a cycle class!

Diet: Eat Good!
(How hard is it? Must be pretty hard...since I'm failing!!)

Have a GREAT week and I will enjoy reading up on what life is bringing you! =)


  1. This is great :) Good luck with your first triathlon - have a blast, they are so much fun!

  2. Sorry about your radio!

    Sounds like a great training plan for the week- good luck, I'm sure you'll do great :-)!

  3. Holy crap, you have 5 kids. Since I am new to your blog I didn't realize you had 5. I bow at your feet. I have one, just one. It took me 4 years to drop the last 10 lbs. My son is 4; there you go. Your family is beautiful. Your radio, not so much. My condolences on the radio.

  4. P90X??? Good luck this week. It sounds like you have a lot ahead of you! When do you sleep? :) I would love to lose at least 10 pounds but food just tastes too good! And hear comes Easter with too much candy around the house again!

  5. You can do this!! One day at a time :)

  6. Good luck with the P90X! I've heard great things about the program! I'm excited to hear your thoughts about it!

  7. Poor radio. :( I bet you'll drop the pounds FAST. Good luck with the P90X, it looks TOUGH!

  8. Looks like some hard training, good luck! I've got two radios like that sitting around. Time to do something about it.

  9. Oooh, that poor radio!

    Good luck on your training this week! You will do great!

  10. You need an IPOD girl!! Good luck with the P90X. I use some of the videos intermittently but not a lot of time these days! Life is quite the balance-Good Luck!

  11. I don't listen to have to read the whole story! I do have an ipod!

  12. Wow! Looking forward to you accomplishing all of this!