Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Thanks to all of you for helping me get my running done while on vacation!
I'll be honest....this is not an easy task!
But I knew I promised to report ...and so I did my runs!

Monday I ran long...6 miles....54:00 minutes
The best part is that Mark and I were able to run together and we ran along the ocean!
I wish we could have ran on the actual beach...but where we were staying there was not a sandy beach! Bummer!
I am not going to complain was wonderful!

Wednesday we ran together again!
Absolute miracle!
And we ran 4 miles in 36:00
(I guess we are stuck on 9 min.)

Friday we were headed home...but I jumped on the treadmill and go my intervals done!
2 x's 1000 @ 7:30 pace

Planned to run on Saturday...but missed that one!

Here are some quick pictures from our family vacation!

It may have been too cold to were a swim suit...but that did not stop the girls from getting wet.
They were soaked...jeans....sweatshirts....the whole thing!
And they loved every minute of it!
How could you not be in love with a sunset like that and the ocean at your feet?

The little ones spent their whole time drawing animal tracks...
and holes!
They would draw a BIG circle and then jump in!
I love the sweet imaginations of kids!
Of course they wanted me to jump in also.
All the sudden their BIG hole was teeny tiny...but I jumped in!
My imagination did not take me to where they were going, but they loved that I was willing to take the dive! =)

The sand was like ice!
At first I took my shoes off..and almost put them right back on, but I noticed my kids all had their shoes off and they weren't complaining!
I was not about to be the one to complain!
So I walked barefoot!
Oh! am I glad!
It felt so wonderful on my feet...I wished I could roll my whole body in it!
That would be much better than an ice bath....which by the way I DON'T do!
(I did in college the memory is there)

Why not a picture of me and my teeny one!
I carry that 20+ pounds every where...we are attatched!
I am a strong sling mom....I own every one I can find...that is good!
But this is my favorite for fits in my pocket!

Now I must go do 50 batches of laundry and put my house back in order!


  1. Great photos! Glad you guys had a great time and glad you were able to get your runs in!

  2. Oh, you look absolutely stunning in the last pic w/your lil' one. So sweet.
    and that beach looks sweet too. It looks like Santa Monica, Ca...where is it?

  3. We were in Panama City, Florida...but this is Mexico beach, Florida!

  4. I'm a sling mom too! I can't wait to have another baby to put in mine.

  5. Thanks for sharing those pictures! You look great in that picture with your baby. I love kids' imagination. They do have pretty cool ideas!

  6. Gorgeous pictures:) It looks absolutely heavenly!!

  7. It looks like it was such a nice vacation. That's great the you and your sweetie got to run together a couple of times :-)!

  8. Way to get in your runs while on's a pretty hard thing to do sometimes!

    I absolutely love the pics! The pic of your little ones in the sand is so precious!

    I'm glad you had a good vacation. And, I so hear you on the laundry and getting the house back in order. My least favorite part of a vacation is unpacking when it's all over.

  9. Your vacation sounds so nice and relaxing. I LOVE the beach! Way to go for getting in your running while away, it always make you feel better since it's so hard to do! Welcome home...and welcome to laundry world!

  10. I am glad you had fun. Your pictures are so filled with smiles and fun. I are you happy to be home and in the snow.