Thursday, March 4, 2010

3 cheers for the GREAT OUTDOORS!!

38 degrees + babysitter + shoes =A GREAT RUN!!!!!
It was amazing!
Just me and the cool crisp air...
I did not take a watch or any other device to tell me how far I was running...
I left my ipod home...
I just wanted to soak it all in!
And I did!
Couldn't run very kids had to be run to gymnastics... but I fully enjoyed the whole 40 minutes!


  1. First! Yup, sometimes you gotta run naked...meaning sans watch and music. Congrats on enjoying the true meaning of running-having FUN!!

  2. Yay! Glad you got some you time and that your feet aren't giving you problems! :-)

  3. That is awesome! Glad you had an awesome run. Yahoooooo for babysitters!

  4. Decided to opt for sneakers today huh? :)

  5. Nice! Sometimes no iPod, no watch and nothing but feet and street are best!

  6. Sounds great. Those are the runs that remind you of why you do it in the first place.

  7. Your run yesterday sounds blissful, Sherri. Like the haiku-ness of your post! Find us on facebook at Run Like a Mother: The Book.

  8. Good job!! Sometimes it is just nice to ditch the garmin and just run to have fun! Keep it up:) Sherri, I hope that you have an excellent weekend!