Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Beach" running in the midwest!

I don't think I have been this wiped since college...18 years!
It all started when over the weekend I got out the Superman Fit Kid Deck and did 30 min. with my kids...only to realize that I am extremely out of shape and that my muscles don't work like they did when I was 20!
So I decided to start the P90X workouts on Monday to get my muscles working again.
The first workout was push ups and pull ups!
First off...my push ups are on my knees...yes! It is true!
And a pull up...I don't think so....not even one or part of one.
So I just hung and then let down slowly!
I was pooped!!!

Then for my running this week, I am scheduled for a 7 mile long run!
Well, it was 40 degrees and beautiful!
So I got the babysitter and headed out.
Due to my injury prone body, I opted to stay on the gravel shoulder...which with all the snow melting is really just a big mud bath.
I tried to move to the street...but my hip was just screaming!
So I ran ALL 7 miles in mud!
It was a SLOW run...and OH MY GOODNESS!
It was tough!
When my garmin said 7.00 I stopped....dead in my tracks....I was NOT about to take one more step!

Last night I was useless....zombie!

It felt good to work myself to fatigue....it's been at least 18 years!


  1. P90X then a 7 miler in the mud!! Thats rockstar status in my books!!!

  2. uh....okay first again...you've had 5 babies!!! so don't think you're outta shape;-)

    and the px90 is supposed to be HARD, so kudos to you girl;-)

  3. Way to go, that sounds like a hard and challenging workout!!

  4. I'm in awe!! You're amazing!!!

  5. I have those runs, too, where I don't run one extra step past my goal. But you did it! Put that one in the books! Great job!

  6. Sounds like a tough run! I hit some mud along my running route recently. My heels kept getting stuck in the mud and it was scary slippery!

  7. Great job on 7 miles! There is mud everywhere here too - you should see my kids today! So silly but I don't like to get my sneakers dirty so it always irritates me to have to run in the mud! :)

  8. P90X is brutal! I have only met two people that actually made it through the full 90 days so I am cheering for you to be number three! I am curious to know more about the hip pain- I have sciatica issues so I am always searching for more information... Great job on the seven miles!

  9. Does 2 days count?
    90 seems amazing...but I hope I make it through!
    From the two days I have done...it seems like a great way to add strength training to my running!

    My hips are chronic...I am not sure what it the problem. Every time I start to run, after having a kid, I get about 3 months out of my hips and then I have to lay off. I am not sure what is going on...I need to have them x- rayed! They hurt constantly...even when I am NOT running!

  10. Wow girl, that's one incredible workout - I'd be in bed early too! You're doing amazing, keep being strong!!!!