Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thanks Anne Marie

This made my week!
Anne Marie, over at Goals for the week, gave me this award...

The first part is to tell you 6 things that you don't already know about me!

1. I absolutely love road trips! Just piling the kids in the car and heading to "nowhere", but even if we have a destination, I love to drive the country! We take our time, get off the highway, and just soak it all in! My 5 kids are wonderful and allow us to do this with zero complaints. Of course we find fun stuff for them to do! We also will find a fun country road and take turns running on it! We never eat fast food, we try and find that hidden gem, that only the locals know about...but serves the BEST food!

2. I must be a strong YELLOW...because life feels like one big PARTY! I love birthdays, holidays, and every other excuse to celebrate!

3. My husband and I started our own business 12 years ago, and have worked hard together! I am now home with the kids and loving every minute! I hope my kids NEVER grow up....NEVER! But when they do I am excited to jump right back into business. I love every aspect of it...especially dealing with people!

4. I believe strongly in date night! My husband and I have date night every week! It is the one thing that is guaranteed to happen! I'll take 2 if I can fit them in! Having a strong marriage holds the whole family together! It's funny, we often just go to dinner and talk, talk , talk, and talk....easy 3 hours! He fills me in on all that has happened with the business and I give him the run down on the homestead!

5. I love to cook and bake! I love to try new recipes! In fact, I rarely fix the same thing twice! I always ask "Is this a keeper?" My family asks, "Why? You'll never make it again!" Not true...sometimes I repeat!

6. I absolutely love to blog and to meet new friends from all over! Blogging keeps me sane...it gives me enough change of pace from my sweet household! Absolutely LOVE it!


  1. 4. Amen, amen, AMEN! I am 110% believer in a weekly date night. We started ours when my oldest was 6 weeks old and only recently stopped (husband hurt his back). Now that he is feeling a little better, we're going to start an "at home" date night, followed by the real thing again once he's 100%. Date night is AWESOME.

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog! and yeah, maybe if we all gang up on winter we can force spring to go ahead and show up already! haha! wow, mom to 5, you have my instant respect!!

  3. love this list and post;-) first, can't B-lieve you all road trip in a sane car. that alone could be a book idea or sunday nite hallmark movie;-)
    and as you know, i just love your energy. it oozes from the screen;-)

  4. Great post - I love your list, that was really cool. I wish my kids never grew up when they were little. And blog world is the best! Thanks for your really fun, and true-to-your-heart blog!!

  5. I ditto all the above comments! :-)
    You're fun, inspiring and your zeal for life is contagious - love it!!

  6. Ahh I used to love going on road trips as a kid, I'd pack a big bag with loads of books, notebooks, pens and pencils as if we were going to be in the car for hours!

  7. I totally admire you having five kids. I would love it if you could give me input on my post regarding kids and how many from last month. Can I assume you have a pretty laid back personality? I am just not sure if you can have my Type A personality with 4-5 kids!

  8. Thank you for all your kind words!

    Lorian...YES! You could call me laid back! I have a small advantage...I am the third of 12. Unfortunately, I still had to adjust to each one...I was in shock at number two, with how much work it takes! How did my mom do a dozen?
    But the advantage is that I understand this time is suppose to be caotic. Only too soon it will all be gone and we will be so thankful for each and every kid we have!

    I will go read your blog and comment...I have already read some of it..and you are amazing!