Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Healing Power of Mud!

Today was my first tempo run!
I absolutely love tempo runs!
I warmed up 1 mile at 9:30 (super sore muscles from P90X)
Then I ran a 1 1/2 miles tempo at 8:30 pace
Cool Down 1 mile 9:30

I was very happy with the fact that I reached the times I was hoping to reach and once again, I did it in MUD!

I'm starting to love this mud hip doesn't bother me at all.
And that is saying hip hurts when I am not running!

Mud is not so good when it gets deep...then I slip and slide and make a HUGE mess!

Plus...I am going to need new shoes after we dry out!

I am still doing P90X...and I am still extremely sore!

Now for the GOOD NEWS!
There is an amazing giveaway going on....

You get the shorts, shirt and the arms!
Well, not the arms...I wish it was that easy to get those...I would have bought them years ago...and a flat stomach! =)

Seriously though, Anne Marie, over at Goals for the Week, is doing this giveaway right now. It ends March 17th....SO HURRY!


  1. Nice tempo work... I love running fast myself.

    I did my first tempo of the year yesterday and it's definitely a whole new experience.

  2. Way to go on the Tempo run! Glad to hear your hip doesn't bug you while running. Can't beat that, right? Have a great week. Good luck winning the shirt and shorts!

  3. cool! In the mud! But don't wear the white sleeveless tank out there if ya win the giveaway!;-)

  4. Nice run! So, when you run in the mud does it take you back to when you were a kid playing in the mud? I think it would be fun to run in it. :)

  5. I love tempo runs too. They are the best prep for racing, I think. And playing in the mud sounds fun.