Saturday, March 20, 2010

Glad to be home!

It does NOT matter how much fun we have on vacation, we are always so happy to come home.
I love that the kids love to be home too!
They run in and they check out every room, and all their toys to make sure everything is still here!
It verifies the great saying,
"Home is where your HEART is!"

We headed down south, to Florida, so we could soak up some much needed Sun!
But when we got there it was FREEZING!
There was NO swimsuits, just a quick stop at Target to grab sweatshirts for everyone!
I couldn't figure out how we could be so cold?
We live in the midwest and have not reached the 40's why was the 60's feeling so miserable!
And then I is our is our minds!
At home we expect the temperature to be our minds are prepared....and therefore, it is bearable!
That is NOT the case in Florida...
We thought we would be hanging at the beach in our swimsuits, wading in the ocean...
So when we got there and the temperatures where less than expected... our minds were NOT prepared for it....WE FROZE!
I mean...FROZE!

This is exactly how running is such a mind game!
I am always amazed at how powerful our minds are when it comes to every run.
Especially races!

That is why I love to embrace the undesirables during training!
Then when race time comes....I am not bothered by minor situations like...

Hotter than expected temperatures
The Gigantic hill at the end of the race
Too few water stations
The list goes on and on!

If during training you embrace every possible situation,
then nothing can shock you at the races!


  1. Hi! You're back! and you were cold! me and the dear hubby were just gearin' up for our big training day/packing.
    I hear ya on being home...while we're gearin' up for Hawaii in 2 days....I KNOW the kidz will be so happy to sleep again in their own beds at the end;-)

  2. Welcome back! Bummer about the cold temps:( Way to have such a positive attitude about are right it is all about perspective!

  3. Welcome back and ditto on the perspective! :-)

  4. sorry about your temperatures! But you handled it with grace. Welcome back.

  5. I agree, there's no place like home. Sometimes you gotta leave to appreciate it more when you come back though :)